PEGASUS SEWING MACHINE MFG. CO., LTD (PEGASUS) is a leading company specializing in the manufacture and sales of industrial sewing machines that produce chainstitches (Kan-Nui). These machines are employed mainly for sewing stretchy fabrics such as underwear, sportswear and similar garments. PEGASUS’ sewing machines have been popular in sewing factories for more than 100 years since the establishment of the company in 1914.

From the beginning, PEGASUS has always aimed for the top rank in the industrial sewing machine (Kan-nui) manufacturing business while staying touch with rapidly-changing sewing factories on a worldwide basis. Today, sewing factories around the world choose our products through approximately 200 agents in about 70 countries.

Additionally, in 2007, we started a new business by establishing a merged corporation, TIANJIN PEGASUS-SHIMAMOTO AUTO PARTS CO., LTD., which manufactures retractor safety belts and other parts for automobiles. This company has recently become a main part of our support foundation as our second core business. PEGASUS is now continuing its excellent progress in order to contribute to people in a wider range of fields, while developing and manufacturing safety-related auto parts and similar items, in addition to our business activities in the apparel industry.

In the future PEGASUS will keep trying harder to promote the development of the world’s apparel culture by expanding our businesses on a global basis for PEGASUS-related companies and people, while fully ensuring three types of differentiation, the “Differentiation of Quality”, “Differentiation of Services”, and “Differentiation of Products”.