For defect prevention - Fubric guide, Misalignment detection

sd-1 SD2A devices Fabric Misalignment Detection Device
eh-1 EH devices Electric hemming guide
hg-1 HG devices Open/Close type of hemming guide
ft-1 FT devices Electric hemming guide
tw-1 TW devices Thread break detector

For defect prevention - Support devices for feed or presser foot

pp-1 PP devices Pneumatic presser foot pressure regulator
mu-1 MU devices Tension-adjustment type elastic feeder
mc-1 MC devices Elastic feeder with tape cutter/inserter
md-1 MD devices Mechanical metering device
fr-1 FR devices Fabric tensioner
bf-1 BF devices Belt feeding device
rp-1 RP devices Rear puller
gray_500x400 KL devices Intermittent shirring device
ai-1 AI devices Automatic differential feed ratio switching

For productivity improvement - Cutters etc.

ks-1 KS devices Vertical type vacuum thread chain cutte
ks-1 KH devices Flat type vacuum thread chain cutter
at-1 AT devices Automatic tape cutter
tk-1 TK devices Tape cutter
bt-1 BT devices Mechanical backlatching device
bl-1 BL devices Automatic backlatcher
ut-1 UT devices Thread trimmer
sl-1 SL devices Pneumatic underbed thread trimmer withstitch locking capability
ms-1 MS devices Condensedstitching device
pl-1 PL devices Presser foot lift
df-1 Dropfeed devices Drop feed mechanism
lc-1 LC devices Pneumatic lint collector